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chaos machine

The chaos machine is the second artwork of the distributed gallery, born during summer 2018. It exists in two copies connected to each other through the Ethereum blockchain. When a banknote is burnt into one of those two copies, it prints a cryptocurrency and randomly shout music in both of the machines. This crypto-jukebox has inaugurated the « Proof of Work » exhibition, curated by Simon Denny, at the Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin. The second copy has been exhibited at the Kate Vass gallery, in Zurich, alongside the work of Ai WeiWei & Kevin Abosh. The chaos machine has also been exhibited in Paris during the oct. 2019 FIAC and sold on auction at Drouot.

ready-made token

The ready-made token is the first artwork of the distributed gallery, created in december 2017. It consists in a one-unit crypto-token sold through an auction on the Ethereum blockchain. With this first artwork, the distributed gallery has pushed the logic of appropriation to its limit by elevating a liquid commodity to the status of artwork through the signature of the figurehead of appropriation art: Richard Prince. This artwork has received a lot of attention because of the many controversies and questions it has raised about the relationship between the art world and the art market.